IHE deltog vid ESMO 2018

IHE presented efficiency and productivity study on cancer care in Europe at ESMO in Munich, Germany October 19-23

This study measures the efficiency and productivity of breast and lung cancer health care provision in Europe to inform related policy discussions. The included countries’ relative performance is measured against a best practice production frontier computed using distance functions where inputs are used to produce outputs.

The distance function can handle many inputs and many outputs simultaneously and is independent of unit of measurement. Price data is not needed. Input variables such as number of radiation units, number of oncologists, and oncology pharmaceuticals are used to produce survival and quality of life.

Publicly available data between 2005 and 2015 from Eurostat, OECD, WHO, and published sources are used to compute country specific efficiency and productivity results. Data reveals extensive differences in inputs and outputs and this is reflected in the performance measures. Significantly higher input use typically yields only a small increase in outputs, both across countries and over time.

Name of Conference:  ESMO, European Society for Medical Oncology, Securing access to optimal cancer care
Place: Munich, Germany
Date: October 19-23, 2018
Type of presentation: Poster presentation

Title: Efficiency and Productivity of Cancer Care in Europé (13P)
Name of authors: Rikard Althin, Rolf Färe, Katarina Gralén, Shawna Grossopf, Bengt Jönsson and Nils Wilking
Name of Presenter: Rikard Althin

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