IHE på ISPOR i Glasgow 4–8 november

Den 4 till den 8 november höll International Society for Pharmaeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) sin 20:e årliga europeiska kongress, den här gången i Glasgow.

IHE var där och arrangerade tillsammans med andra personer som arbetar med hälsoekonomiska modeller inom diabetesområdet, Mount Hood Challenge, en workshop för att presentera och diskutera erfarenheter inom området.


    • In 2000, two groups of diabetes simulation modelers met on the slopes of Mt Hood near Portland, Oregon, simulated their models for a set of identical scenarios, and compared the results.
    • Now, there have been 8 Mt. Hood Challenges, with up to 10 modeling groups meeting biennially to validate their models, and discuss methodology and data in what is arguably the most collegiate and yet competitive environment for debating models in the HEOR community.
    • The purpose of the workshop was to share the concept of disease-specific, cross-modeling working meetings with modelers from all disease areas and to discuss practical considerations and best methods for this kind of forum.
    • The session started by reviewing the purpose, scope, structure, and practical implementation of the Mt. Hood Challenge congresses, at a level relevant for modelers without diabetes experience.
    • A brief summary of the methods and results of the transparency challenge from 2016 was then presented, illustrating the difficulty of reproducing results based on publications (even when the same model was used).
    • The 2016 challenge has led to development of guidelines for the reporting of model-based results in diabetes. With a focus on a minimum set of key parameters and scenario characteristics, they substantially extend existing more general model transparency guidelines.
    • The draft version was presented and the floor was opened for discussion. Important issues around academic intellectual property versus model sharing and transparency was discussed.
    • A similar venture for cross model validation and comparison in COPD was also briefly discussed, with key learnings shared.
    • The workshop included an extended interactive Q&A session and live electronic voting via smartphone app, during which the audience had the opportunity to discuss aspects of validation by cross model comparisons as in the Mt Hood Challenges with the panel.


Name of Conference: ISPOR-the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research
Place: Glasgow, Scotland
Date: November 8, 2017
Type of presentation: Workshop together with Mount Hood Challenge (W17)

Links: https://www.ispor.org/Event/ReleasedPresentations/2017Glasgow (scroll down to W17)

Title: Comparing, Contrasting, and Validating Health Economic Decision Models: Experiences from the Latest Mt. Hood Challenge in Diabetes and Lessons for Other Disease Areas
Participants: Michael Willis, Talitha Feenstra, Mark Lamotte and Alan Brennan

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