Market access plans

In order to maximize the chances of obtaining reimbursement, it is very important to have a well-designed market access strategy. A market access plan will outline the timing of the steps to consider during preparation for product launch. The plan will also address specific market access challenges the company can expect their product to face in the Nordic countries.

This strategy is expected to be highly dependent on the indication, clinical data, current treatment in the countries, potentially available comparators (including off-label or unlicensed products) and price-aspirations. A key component of the market access plan is to outline the key stake holders, and the impact they are expected to have in the uptake of novel treatment options. The key stakeholders usually consist of key opinion leaders, health care providers and payers/reimbursement authorities such as TLV (Sweden), FiMEA (Finland), DMC (Denmark) and NoMA (Norway).

IHEs market access plan captures:

  • An overview of health care system and P&R process
  • Drivers and barriers of stakeholders based on
    • P&R process guidance
    • Past HTA assessments of competitor/comparator products
    • Past payer decisions
  • Local treatment guidelines
  • Roadmaps summarizing when to approach key stakeholders