The Economic and Health Outcomes Model of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

ECHO-T2DM is a full spectrum, stochastic microsimulation model suitable for estimating the cost and health consequences of treatments for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. ECHO-T2DM supports analysis of obesity and pre-diabetes interventions as well.

Designed for maximum flexibility to support early decision-making and analysis of a full range of public health study problems and includes full set of clinical and economic outcomes.

Programmed with Excel-based front- and back-end interfaces to maximize user-friendless, but core calculations are performed in R to provide reasonable run times.

Supports multiple treatment comparator analysis and treatment intensification.

Supports 6 different sets of risk prediction equations, including the widely used UKPDS Outcomes Model.

Model validity established with extensive testing:

• Internal and external validation


• Participant in the Mt. Hood Diabetes Challenges since 2010

• Assessment of the Validation Status of Health-Economic decision models (AdViSHE) for decision makers and model users

• Has been reviewed and deemed acceptable for decision-making by NICE in the UK, SMC in Scotland, NCPE in Ireland, and CADTH and INESSS in Canada

ECHO-T2DM is a sophisticated tool with a larger number of input parameters. It can be licensed to skilled clients who want to conduct their own analyses, but we recommend that analysis be performed by the IHE Team to avoid risks of mistakes in simulation inputs for most others.

External Validation


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