The IHE Diabetes Cohort Model 

IHE-DCM is a full spectrum, cohort model of the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and includes 2nd order uncertainty (PSA).

The model has been constructed entirely in Microsoft® Excel and require no plugins or external programs to use. It is highly flexible and designed to maximize user-friendliness.

Model validity established with extensive testing:

• Internal and external validation


• Assessment of the Validation Status of Health-Economic decision models (AdViSHE) for decision makers and model users

• Has been reviewed and deemed acceptable for decision-making by TLV in Sweden, NOMA in Norway, and PBS in Australia

• Participated in the 2020 Mount Hood Diabetes Challenges

Supports multiple treatment comparator analysis and treatment intensification.

Includes four alternative sets of risk prediction equations (UKPDS-OM1 (Clarke et al, 2004), UKPDS-OM2 (Hayes et al, 2013), Swedish NDR (Ali et al, 2013), and FDS (Davis et al, 2010).

Includes full set of clinical and economic outcomes.

The IHE Diabetes Cohort Model can be licensed to clients who want to conduct their own analyses. Individual projects can also be performed by the IHE Team.

External Validation


For access and more information, please contact: diabetesmodelling@ihe.se