Economic Modelling of Diabetes

Economic Models by IHE

IHE has developed and validated two economic models of Type 2 diabetes, which have been accepted by HTA authorities around the globe including Sweden, Norway, U.K., Canada, Scotland, Ireland, and Australia:

The Economic and Health Outcomes models of Type 2 diabetes Mellitus (ECHO-T2DM) is a comprehensive, flexible micro-simulation model with 1st and 2nd order uncertainty which has participated in the past 5 Mount Hood Diabetes Challenge Congresses

The IHE Diabetes Cohort Model (IHE-DCM) is a simpler and faster cohort simulation model of Type 2 diabetes, also including 2nd order uncertainty which can be licensed to clients who wish to set up and run a wide range of different scenarios themselves

• A recently published cross-validation study illustrates that there was little evidence that estimated cost-effectiveness metrics, the outcomes that matter most to stakeholders, differed systematically between IHE-DCM and ECHO-T2DM

IHE has also developed an economic micro-simulation model of Type 1 diabetes (ECHO-T1DM), which has been used for the Swedish Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency (TLV) for decision-making, among others.

IHE has also developed and validated an economic model of diabetic kidney disease (DKD) based on the results of the landmark CREDENCE renal outcomes study, the CREDENCE Economic Model of DKD (CREDEM-DKD), a Discrete Event Simulation (DES) micro-simulation model including key renal and CV outcomes.

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