Health economic modelling

Health economics simulation models are key tools in determining the cost-effectiveness and budget impact of new technologies in the health care sector. Appropriate model design is determined by many factors but more technically sophisticated models are becoming more common. This introduces increased demands for transparency and validity. IHE has long standing expertise in the development, validation and adaptation of models across the full spectrum of model types.

The development of new models – from conceptualization to implementation to validation – is one of IHE’s key competencies. In the areas of diabetes and oncology, IHE has inhouse models that have been validated and used in many studies. We also have established models in multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. Our models can be used to model budget impact, to support guidelines development or to answer questions about cost-effectiveness for instance in health technology assessment,. Our models can also be used early in the development process of a new therapy to investigate implications on pricing, to make licensing decisions or go/no-go decisions in the development process. Some of our models can be licensed to clients who want to conduct their own analyses.