Our expertise

Founded in 1979, IHE has since been a leading contributor to health economic research nationally and internationally. IHE is the oldest health economics research institute in the Nordics, with more than 40 years of experience in the field.

  • IHE works with all types of stakeholders in the health care sector studying a wide range of issues including the economic burden of specific diseases, cost-effectiveness, budget impact, supply and demand of health care, patient preferences and payment models.
  • We work in Sweden and internationally with a range of clients including government agencies, payers, health care providers, advocacy groups and some within the life science industry. We also continuously work with health economic and clinical groups at universities.

In addition to the main office in Lund, we also has an office in Stockholm. In addition to Swedish and English, the IHE team is fluent in several languages including Danish, French, German, Norwegian and Spanish.

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