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Introducing PIONEER: a project to harness big data in prostate cancer research

Omar M I, Roobol M J. Ribal M J, Abbott T, Agapow P-M, Araujo S, Asiimwe A, Auffray C, Balaur I, Beyer K, Bernini C, Bjartell A, Briganti A, Butler-Ransohoff J-E, Campi R, Cavelaars M, De Meulder B, Devecseri, Voss MD, Dimitropoulos K, Evans-Axelsson S, Franks B, Fullwood L, Horgan D, Smith E J, Kiran A, Kivinummi K, Lambrecht M, Lancet D, Lindgren P, MacLennan S, MacLennan S, Nogueira M M, Moen F, Moinat M, Papineni K, Reich C, Kristin Reiche, Rogiers S, Sartini C, van Bochove K, van Diggelen F, Van Hemelrijck M, Van Poppel H, Zong J, N’Dow J & The PIONEER Consortium

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Enhancement Through the Power of Big Data in Europe (PIONEER) is a European network of excellence for big data in prostate cancer, consisting of 32 private and public stakeholders from 9 countries across Europe to which the IHE contributes.

In this perspective piece published in Nature Reviews Oncology which constitutes the first peer-reviewed publication from the project you can read how based on a unique set of methodologies, PIONEER aims to advance the field of prostate cancer care with a particular focus on improving prostate-cancer-related outcomes, health system efficiency by streamlining patient management, and the quality of health and social care delivered to all men with prostate cancer and their families worldwide.

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For questions about PIONEER, please reach out to Thomas Hofmarcher

Nature Reviews Urology, 2020; 17: 351–362