New report – Evaluation, introduction and reimbursement of new therapies against rare diagnoses

In this IHE report the author Ulf Persson, senior advisor at IHE, has identified a number of conditions which lead to the fact that today’s methods of valuing medicines hardly lead us to a satisfactory understanding of the value of orphan medicines. The insurance value, the value of hope and process-related benefits are not included. The international discussion of how to make the valuation methods more in line with economic theory and including individual preferences are reported and ends up in suggestions for improvements.

The report is written in Swedish but with a summary in English.

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For more information or questions about the report, please contact the author Ulf Persson

Persson U. En ny modell för utvärdering, införande och ersättning av nya terapier mot sällsynta diagnoser. IHE Rapport 2023:5, Lund, Sverige