New IHE Report on indication-based pricing of pharmaceuticals in Sweden

There are major changes taking place in the healthcare sector, including in the field of pharmaceuticals. Many drugs, especially in oncology, are approved for use in several indications, and combination theapies are becoming more common. More patients can thus get access to treatment, while authorities and regions face increasing challenges and difficult priorities related to e.g. budget, data and adaministration. Using indication-based pricing (IBP) for some of these new drugs may be part of the solution, as it reflects that the value and cost-effectiveness can differ greatly between different indications.

This report aims to describe different ways to implement IBP for pharmaceuticals in Sweden and to analyse the effects on different stakeholders. The study was conducted as a combination of document review and interviews with selected stakeholders in the healthcare sector that could be affected if indication-based pricing were to be introduced. The document review aimed at describing IBP and available data registries, while the interviews were the main source to investigate opportunities and effects of implementing IBP in Sweden.

Read the English summary (the report is written in Swedish)

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